Being a sponsor

Times have changed. It’s not just enough to make posters, a Facebook Page, an ad and people will buy your products. As social media has gained and is the main communication platform online, people are looking for advice and tips. That’s how “Influencers” have gained their way into the marketing business. And it works!

If your products relate to my activities, you probably have a lot to gain by partnering up. Contact me and let’s have a chat about the possibilities.


The best advertising of a product is often by the people using it. If your product relate to my activities and you can se me help out, please contact me for a chat.

I’m very happy to be working with some fantastic brands. By working with them and using their products, I’m becoming an ambassador for that brand, writing about the products I use, taking photos of them and always promote them in the best way possible without being too commercial -ish. It’s very important to be honest.

Contact me

If you have products, services or something else that you think could be interesting to have me as an ambassador of, please dont hessitate to contact me. It can be fun, challenging, require a lot of work or be easy, but let’s have a chat and try it out!