Exploring Luksefjell with The King

The area was wiped out by the plague in year 1350. You can find old signs from the Medieval Age where German mountain men a.k.a. “Garpenes” was looking for silver. There has been a lot of local battles between farmers from Sauherad who took over the mountain after the plague and the general population.

Driving through this mysterious and beautiful mountain, valleys and peaks, you kind of sense that. The weather was extreme – snowstorm and minus 15 degrees with a windchill of -35. Visibility was limited and suddenly you could be surrounded with heavy fog.

No need to say I enjoyed the safety and excellence in handling difficult conditions by the Discovery. There is just a feeling you can’t describe to others if they haven’t driven a Land Rover before. It’s a combination of excellence, quality, power and safety. You feel like the king on the road, but not in a bully kind of way. A gentleman. If you’ve never tried one before, you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about – and I can only recommend you to try one at your local dealer. Then you’ll know. I guarantee it. Read more

Why you should always wear wool when hiking and being outdoors in general

There’s something about being close to nature. Feeling the elements, touching our roots, finding our way back to something that we actually are very familiar with. We all have it in us, but many have forgotten the true connection with the world around us. We place ourselves in buildings so smart, that we dont have to do much anymore. We take the elevator, not the stairs. We push a button to open the garage door or order food online if we dont bother to make it ourselves.

I’ve been there myself. I worked behind a computer screen and all I could think of was getting everything automated Read more