Awesome protein when you are hiking and on the go!

Okay it almost feels like christmas. After I’ve won Fjällräven Polar in norway I’ve gotten a lot of attention. It’s really cool and I love the fact that I’m able to track back some of the people who actually voted for me so that they can get a glimpse on what I’m doing and how grateful I am – and of course see video and photos from the expedition!

But the attention has also given me some more opportunities and I’m super excited to tell you guys that I’ve partnered up with Jack Links Beef Jerky! I’ve always loved their products and I’ve found them super easy to eat on the go, in the car but especially when you are out hiking etc. It’s the perfect and healthy food when you are on a hike and need some pure protein that tastes awesome! So how cool is it when I’m now able to partner up with them and they are supporting me with a lot of food!

So yes, now I’ll always be able to have healthy protein in my bag and I’ll without a doubt share a bag with you if I meet you! That’s it for the awesome news for today. High-five to all of you!

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