My best hiking and expedition tip that everybody should put on their list

Of course the list of important gear, clothing and other stuff concerning safety is important. But there is one thing that I always pack first. And it doesn’t matter if it’s just a short trip or a longer hike/expedition. One thing is always key to remember. Everything can go wrong even on the most simple trip. You can fall, you can get ill, you can meet others that are having a hard time. So what is it then? Food! And not just ordinary food. A full meal. But how do you pack a full meal? That’s the best part, it’s already been done for you and it only takes 8 minutes to prepare. Read more

Awesome protein when you are hiking and on the go!

Okay it almost feels like christmas. After I’ve won Fjällräven Polar in norway I’ve gotten a lot of attention. It’s really cool and I love the fact that I’m able to track back some of the people who actually voted for me so that they can get a glimpse on what I’m doing and how grateful I am – and of course see video and photos from the expedition!

But the attention has also given me some more opportunities and I’m super excited to tell you guys that Read more