Some call it loneliness. I call it freedom. Some call it bad weather. I call it the beauty of nature.

It really depends on the eyes and how far you’ve drifted from your own roots. We all are created to live in nature, we just have learned to build houses that are so fantastic, that we don’t have to do shit anymore. And that, over time, transforms humanity. I was there myself. Stuck behind a computer screen designing posters and websites for all kinds of people. I got stuck in a world where “automatic” was good and manual was time consuming and a waste of energy.

But the satisfaction, the craftsmanship, the true feelings, they weren’t there anymore. I got less satisfaction by designing a campaign for a brand than I got when I created fire the first time just with sparks.

Let’s remember who we are, or at least try to go a bit back. Let’s teach our children that it’s more fun to play with mud than an iPad.

Maybe, just maybe, that is one of the true problems in our Climate Change. Do more, create more, explore more. Don’t just sit on the couch or scroll the feed to see if anything can interest you.

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