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Testing my new GoPro Hero5 before the Polar Expedition

I’m so grateful that the awesome guys at Japan Photo is sponsoring me and have provided me with a brand new GoPro Hero5 and lot’s of extra batteries, powerbanks and mounts. I’ve actually never used a GoPro before so I was pretty

Spending quality time with mini-polar

Mamma went away for the weekend so Alexandra and I where home alone. Wuhuu!! Quality tiiiime!! We went for long walks, went to the shopping mall where we found a new Swix hat we had to buy. A real norwegian girl owns a Swix hat! So adorable! Saturday was spent mostly shopping and drinking fresh […]

Awesome protein when you are hiking and on the go!

Okay it almost feels like christmas. After I’ve won Fjällräven Polar in norway I’ve gotten a lot of attention. It’s really cool and I love the fact that I’m able to track back some of the people who actually voted for me so that they can get a glimpse on what I’m doing and how […]

Representing Norway in Fjällräven Polar 2017

I really cant believe it’s true. This is my third year trying and the last couple of days have been crazy, no sleep, just votes-votes-votes… I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m in a different world, but people are posting on my wall congratulations and the likes and comments are exploding. The final result is