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Out in nature and into yourself

If you follow my Instagram account you’ll know that I don’t write like most do. Social media today is a result of our society where everything gets more and more selective and superficial. It’s a facade we take on. If we are having a bad day, we post a “throwback” (#tb) photo of a vacation […]

Rebuilding my website

Hi everybody – just wanted to reach out and tell you that I’m currently working on my website – so if you encounter some weird stuff – that’s not it – that’s just how I am… BUT, if you encounter some errors or things that look like it’s not meant to be – it’s probably […]

Yes, your children can still experience a beautiful School

The absolutely breathtaking architecture of Waldorf Schools are out of this world, but very few know about them. In todays modern world, schools are often built with very little imagination – and they expect their students to be inspired? To feel home? Think about how many hours, days, weeks your kids are spending at the […]

Exploring Luksefjell with The King

The area was wiped out by the plague in year 1350. You can find old signs from the Medieval Age where German mountain men a.k.a. “Garpenes” was looking for silver. There has been a lot of local battles between farmers from Sauherad who took over the mountain after the plague and the general population. Driving […]

Gear Giveaway – Free burner, pot and pan

I’m so grateful for all your inspiring comments and feedback, so I’m really happy to be able to give something back. Maybe this will help you take the next step in getting out and experience nature. Because this is what it’s all about. Getting out. Together with Reisegrossisten.no i’m giving away this awesome starter-set.  You’ll get […]